Sweet balloon, the 9Th anniversary of GDEA

Sweet balloon, the 9Th anniversary of GDEA

The 9TH birthday of Gabric diabetes educational association was held in the faculty of culture and art and architecture on august the 6th.

As always this program was included of three parts and a total number of 1,000 diabetic people participated in this event.

This year Farir Asa Teb Co., was also one of the main sponsors of the event and along introducing our products we gave out free samples of pen needles according to injection algorithm and educated people on the differences of pen needles, we also had a review program on SMBG which children participated in and they were asked to tell us about how they do their blood sugar testing at home, we awarded them gifts such as educational books and Timsulins.

This year we had a promotional gift of our insulin cooling wallets which were a top hit and our CRM team also held a glucose testing station.

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