Be Effective

Be Effective

“Be Effective” campaign was launched by the marketing team of Farir Teb in October, 2014. This campaign was created to support diabetic children in the aspect of diabetes education and to make the HCPs actively involved in this process.
The campaign aims to have the diabetes care providers as the pioneer contributors.
But how do they contribute? The HCPs do not need to donate any money but to answer a few simple questions about the key features of our products (Glucocard™ 01, PiC Solution, Timesulin, and FRiO®) and Farir Teb takes the responsibility of making a donation to diabetes associations.

“Be Effective” encourages the diabetes care providers to be effective in:
• Improving the knowledge of diabetic kids by providing them with diabetes education
• Helping diabetic kids in having a more effective SMBG and consequently a better glycemic control
• Helping diabetic kids to feel the most comfortable with the insulin delivery system they use by training them about the correct methods of insulin delivery
• Preparing printed educational material for diabetic children
• Helping complicated diabetic children