DSMBG and Insulin Injection workshops

DSMBG and Insulin Injection workshops

Education is the key that gives meaning to a brand and makes people think different about the brand.  To pursue this goal we have placed a priority on educating the diabetes care professionals as our prospects through remarkable content.

In the so-called “Dynamic Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose” or DSMBG workshops, instead of focusing solely on product-related information we pursue learning strategies that inform the diabetes care professionals of the following subjects:

  • The importance of self-monitoring of blood glucose in diabetics,
  • The guidelines on the SMBG frequency and timing,
  • Roll of education in optimal use of SMBG,
  • Standards of blood glucose testing,
  • Sources of errors in SMBG and ways of preventing these errors

Moreover, the correct methods of insulin injection and choosing the right injection tools are addressed in the “Insulin Injection” workshops.

We have used the education as a relationship-building strategy with the HCPs so that over the past two years our medical team have run 80 workshops in hospitals, research centers, or as congress workshops in all over the country with around 1600 professional attendees from the diabetes field.