Celebration of World Diabetes Day

Celebration of World Diabetes Day

On Thursday November 13th 2014, Gabric Diabetes Education Association(GDEA) celebrated world diabetes day. The event was held at Hotel Varzesh,Tehran. Children with type I diabetes and their parents were invited to the ceremony.

The main goals of this program were making stronger communication between diabetic children, learning about healthy nutrition, motivating people to control their blood glucose and making a fun environment for everyone.

Farir Asa Teb along with Sanofi company were the main sponsors for the event. Our CRM manager, Mr. Ayati, gave a brief speech about the importance of having painless insulin injection in blood glucose control and also he commented on “Esperienza Indolore” or experience painless injection with PIC pen needles.

In our booth, we introduced our products specially PIC pen needles and the samples were given to participants as gift.


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