Act Today To Change Tomorrow

Act Today To Change Tomorrow

World/National Diabetes week, November 11th-17th, 2015

World Diabetes day is a highlight in the diabetes calendar. It is a time when diabetes supporters come together to raise awareness of the condition with organized events dedicated to advocacy activities. In Iran, Diabetes Week 2015 kicked off on November 11th and ran until November 17th, each day given a particular title. Farir Teb, as one of the most major contributors of diabetes field in the country, took part in more than 10 events held by various organizations and NGOs. Over this period we aimed to provide valuable support for the activities taking place around the country and help make national diabetes week a great success.

The events we contributed in during this period were held by:

•  Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, November 12th

With more than 300 diabetic participants

•  Iranian Diabetes Association, Children’s medical Center, November 12th

Around 150 diabetic members of Iranian Diabetes Association attended the event

•  Tehran city council in cooperation with Taban diabetes association, Nahjol Balaghe Park, Tehran, November 13th

This event was named as “The great festival of healthy nutrition with healthy breakfast” and more than 4000 diabetic members of Tehran diabetes center attended

•  Gabric diabetes Association, Imam Khomeini hospital, November 14th

The first session with around 250 Health Care Professionals and the second with 300 diabetic members of Gabric diabetes Association

•  Mahalati Hospital, Tabriz, November 15th

With more than 300 diabetic participants

•  Taban diabetes association in cooperation with Health centers of Tehran city council, Niroo assembly hall, Tehran, November 17th

Around 700 diabetic patients attended the event, many of them diabetes management ambassadors of Health centers of Tehran city council

•  Gabric diabetes association in cooperation with Endocrinology Faculty of Imam Khomeini hospital, Eivane Shams Assembly Hall, Tehran, November 19th

•  Saveh Health Center, Saveh, November 19th


Some of the most significant activities of Farir team in Diabetes Week events were;

•  Attracting new contributors to “Be Effective” campaign

•  Instructing pen user diabetics how to choose the right pen needle upon their characteristics and habits

•  Providing insulin pen users with samples of Insupen of appropriate lengths and gauges

•  Introducing EXTR3ME as the latest design of pen needle edge to diabetics to make the injection simpler, faster, and safer for them

•  Blood glucose testing with GlucocardTM 01 to communicate the importance of accurate SMBG in diabetes management

•  Giving GlucocardTM 01 to some diabetics to reward them for successful management of their condition

•  Instructing diabetic people how to perform an effective SMBG



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